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Berlitz Belgrade is the ideal partner to provide Serbian language training to expat employees at your company. Each program is customized to accommodate the requirements of the learners. We tailor programs to teach industry-specific and job-related language thereby ensuring that the language we teach is useful and relevant to the job functions of the learners. Training for corporate clients is available either at your workplace or at one of our conveniently located language centres.

Total Immersion®

Our premier program, Total Immersion® allows individuals to build the greatest fluency in Serbian in the shortest period of time. Participants study 7.5 hours a day for a minimum of 5 days, which completes a Berlitz Level. The course, which is customized to provide industry and job-specific language, includes conversational-style settings in which learners can practice their skills with two instructors. Lunch is included in the program so newly acquired language skills can be practiced in a casual environment. This is by far the most comprehensive program available to people who need to learn a language very quickly.

Executive Individual Instruction

Participants enjoy customized one-on-one instruction with the additional convenience of being able to change their schedule throughout the duration of the course to accommodate busy calendars. One Level is completed in 30 lessons.

Semi-Private Instruction

A maximum of 2 students can study at work, or at one of our training centres.

Corporate Group Instruction

Berlitz can provide industry and job-specific language training at either your offices or at our professional training centres.

General Serbian for personal interest.

Whether you need to learn at a rapid rate, or are hard-pressed for time, we have a program that can suit your needs. Below you will find a comprehensive list of our programs including:

  • Half Day Groups
  • Semi-Private Instruction
  • Small Evening Groups
  • Regular Evening Groups

Regular Evening Groups

Available at our downtown centre next to Slavija Square these groups have five to eight participants and meet twice a week.

Ideal for:

People who find learning in an environment with other students motivation and flexibility.


  • Group instruction with all the advantages of the Berlitz Method®.
  • An economical and convenient alternative to other types of instruction.
  • Enjoy the support of other students who are all working towards the same goal.


  • Class sizes are limited to 5 - 8 participants, which ensures each person has the opportunity to speak and interact with the group, in addition to receiving an optimal amount of one-on-one attention.
  • Instruction is available at your location for a group or team, but special arrangements must be made in advance.


Twice per week for 12 weeks, from 17:45 or from 19:15.

Contact our Corporate advisors:

Marta Mijatović:069/312 1151

Jovana Milošević: 069/312 1150