How to create an awesome LinkedIn profile

How to create a LinkedIn Profile

My name is Mike, and I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Today I work as a marketing expert at a leading international company in the Bay Area. I have seen first hand just what online social media can do for careers, young and old alike. One of the best ways to get out there as a professional is to create a profile on LinkedIn.

Whether you are looking for your firstJOB or someone who wants to switch companies, a LinkedIn profile serves as a sort of digital CV that tells the world who you are. It is, therefore, all the more important to get it right. As someone with expertise in marketing, I would like to share a few tips about social marketing and explain some of the do's and don'ts of using a LinkedIn profile:

  • Customize your profile

    so that the information isRELEVANT to the industry in which you want to work. Use relevant keywords as this significantly increases the likelihood that people in the industry will find and view your profile.
  • Add a photo,

    but keep it professional. Employers don'tWANT to see party pictures that are more appropriate for other social media platforms-in fact, having the wrong photos on your LinkedInPROFILE will detract from your content and put you out of the running.
  • Use the summary section

    on LinkedIn as yourONLINE cover letter. Like your CV, make sure your summary is customized to the industry and the position you are seeking.
  • Double check your grammar and wording.

    As with paper-based CVs and cover letters, employers are turned off by spelling mistakes and grammarERRORS in your profile.
  • Meet people and connections.

    LinkedIn is a great way to meet people in your industry. You can exchange tips or find a newJOB through your contacts. Filling your network with quality professionals is an excellent way of finding your dream job and finding out new information that is relevant to your position.
  • Update your profile often.

    The more current your profile is, the more employers and contacts will follow what is going on in your profile. Employers want to hire people who are looking now, not people who haven't changed their profile in weeks, months, or years.

Would you like even more helpful tips on creating a great LinkedIn profile that is sure to be well received by potential employers? Follow the Berlitz Corporation LinkedIn page for a variety of useful information!

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