Serbian for foreigners

Why learn Serbian online at Berlitz?

  • Berlitz has more than 140 years of experience in teaching foreign languages worldwide: for over 15 years in Serbia, and over 40,000 students!
  • The Berlitz method is the most efficient method of learning foreign languages, as it is based purely on communication and conversation.
  • We have more than 10 years of experience in online teaching: through Skype, Zoom, as well as internal platforms such as Berlitz Virtual Classroom.
  • Our teachers are highly motivated, highly qualified Serbian teachers.

At our beginner Serbian courses, learn how to:

  • handle everyday situations
  • introduce yourself, your friends, clients or colleagues, and say where they’re from and what they do
  • use basic phrases and polite, formal language, as well casual, informal phrases and slang
  • use names of cities, countries, and nationalities
  • understand and exchange messages (phone numbers, dates, times, etc.)
  • order food and drinks at a restaurant, as well as do shopping at a supermarket, bakery, or the greengrocer’s
  • handle general shopping – asking for different prices, sizes, and colors, and returning items
  • ask and give simple instructions, such as directions and transportation
  • ask about the date and the time, as well as answer it – regarding meetings, travel, celebrations, and much more
  • discuss the weather and what you like to do during various seasons
  • discuss your free time and hobbies
  • broaden your horizons with Serbian traditions, customs, and overall culture

Individual Berlitz Course – Premium Serbian Online

In addition to basic courses in small groups, we have an offer on an exclusive, individual online course – one-on-one with our finest Berlitz teachers. This course is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for absolute dedication to their goals – personal or professional.

*If you have a specific goal, such as a job offer or a travel abroad, and you want to acquire a new language quickly, the individual online course is a perfect fit.

When and how can I start learning Serbian online?

You can progress whenever you want, wherever you want. Our online classrooms guarantee progress and success.

At this moment, there are more than 500.000 online students in Berlitz. Find out why Berlitz means quality language learning on a global scale.
Call us on +381 (69) 308 74 66 or click the button (prijava) to learn all about our courses!
Our staff speaks English, German, and Italian!

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